Why Should You Clean the Gutters of Your Home?

Why Should You Clean the Gutters of Your Home?

Why Should You Clean the Gutters of Your Home?

Maintaining and cleaning the gutters is as important as performing pest controlling jobs in your home. It’s of utmost importance for maintaining the foundation of a building or your home. A clogged gutter or downspout can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Water can overflow from the gutters and down the house causing rotting and mold to the walls of your home.

Reasons For Cleaning Gutters

A clean gutter drives water that falls off the roof into the downspout and away from your home. It helps in protecting your home or business from water damage. Naturally, it reduces the risks of infiltration, with cracks and corrosion in its structure, which can damage your property. Thus, people who are living in rainy and humid areas like Portland must consider cleaning gutters periodically. In a one-liner, to avoid damage, we need to act preventively! To have well assurance that your gutters are flowing properly most experts recommend to have your gutters cleaned every 3-5 months. However, the frequency may vary depending on the location of the residence. Apart from preventing damage, another reason for investing in gutter maintenance is, this system can be used sustainably to capture rainwater for reuse at home. This makes it essential to keep the gutters clean, as apart from preventing the continuous flow of water, debris can contaminate the water and put your health at risk.

Good Habits

Maintenance begins with the removal of larger debris such as tree leaves, branches, and pine cones. For this reason, it’s ideal to use a ladder that’s high enough to reach the rail easily. After manually removing the heaviest dirt, the work continues with the use of hoses to remove the remaining debris. At this time, the water jet can be used to check for any obstruction in the drop pipes. If any clogging is found, the situation is resolved by  removing the downspout and cleaning the inside and reattaching back to the gutter. To prevent obstructions from recurring in the future, wire mesh guards can be installed over the downspout. The solution prevents twigs and other debris from entering the drop pipe and clogging it. Throughout the procedure, safety equipment such as gloves and lifelines should not be overlooked.

Gutter Replacement

Full rail replacement may be required when there are errors in the roof design step. If wrongly sized, they can’t withstand the rain load and face difficulty giving sufficient fluid flow. Gradually, it causes overload or overflow.

Additional parts

Apart from the gutters, metallic drums are often used in the stormwater runoff system. However, for fiber cement tiles there are complements made from the same material, which give a perfect finish to the roof and prevent unexpected infiltration because its design follows the corrugation of the tile. You should always try to use these parts considering the model purchased.
The complementary pieces are important for the finish and details of the roofing, usually requiring the same kind of care applied to fiber cement tiles. They are extremely durable and have a lifetime of decades. However, they require some maintenance that extends and improves their good performance. Hope this post helps you in understanding the importance of cleaning gutters periodically. So, what’s stopping you then? Contact Exodus Window Cleaning for all your gutter cleaning Portland needs!! Save water, keep it clean and enjoy the bliss of living a balanced life!!

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