We can all feel it in the air now. Spring is finally on the horizon! With this beautiful change of season comes an exciting time of spring cleaning. No one likes to clean in the fall, but there’s something magical and exciting about getting our homes ready for spring. It’s an enlivening time where everything comes back to life, so why shouldn’t our homes spring back to life as well?

Much of spring cleaning is tackled indoors. We go through closets and drawers and dust off the air conditioners, but don’t forget the exterior of your home too. There’s plenty spring cleaning to be completed outside as well. 

Follow our handy checklist of exterior spring cleaning chores to get your home off to a fresh new start!

Thoroughly Inspect Your Roof

Winter can wreak havoc on your roof. All of that ice and wind during the harsh winter can lead to some heavy roof repairs if not taken care of properly. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your roof when spring comes. It’s important to not glance over visually and leave it at that. There are some roof repairs that take a closer inspection to catch before it’s too late. 

One of the easiest things you can do is work on your gutters. Clogged gutters create more problems, so make sure you clean out your gutters extensively to avoid draining system issues. Make sure to clean out anything you can actually see in the gutter and then move on to more complicated things like the downspout, which you can clean using a plumber’s snake. In some cases you may need to take it apart, but with the right tools hopefully that won’t be necessary. Lastly, check for holes or any loose bolts and tidy everything up as much as you can. 

There are more obvious roof issues to look out for like any issues with your shingles or deterioration anywhere. You can usually spot these types of things from a distance and more than likely if there are issues of these kind you may want to hire a professional. When looking for shingle damage you want to take note of any curling, buckling, or even stains. You want to catch things like this as soon as possible and get a roof specialist’s opinion before you try patching it up DYI style. Prevention is key with roof repairs and sometimes fixing it yourself can make things worse.

Have a Deck or Porch?

Your deck, if you have one, gets tons of use during the summer and you’re probably much more aware of wear and tear. During the winter, however, your deck takes a beating and needs some TLC to get primed and ready for your summer cookouts. You can take care of your deck this spring by sweeping and power washing to clean stubborn dirt buildup from a harsh winter, then rinse it and let it dry to better inspect for any damage that may have occurred over the season. Also, don’t forget to seal your deck to protect if from the inevitable water and sun coming up this season! This is the perfect time to reseal your deck!

Can’t forget your porch! We may not entertain guests on our porch but it’s their first impression as they come to our homes. Be sure to remove any dead plants or leaves/twigs leftover from winter, wipe down furniture, pots, your mailbox, etc. Porches can often collect a lot of grime and it’s important to wipe everything down at the start of spring. You could power wash your porch as well as your deck, but often a simple scrub can do wonders for a front porch. Be sure to replace lightbulbs in porch lights and check for any signs of damage in the wood (if you have a wood porch). 

Dont Forget Your Windows

Spring is the ideal time to do some window washing! Depending on your house, however, this may be a job for a window cleaning service professional. Some of us just don’t want to be on ladders washing windows, but if you do you can easily create your own cleaning solution and get to work making those windows sparkle again! We often neglect our windows, but it’s amazing how different it can feel to look out freshly cleaned windows that glean in the sunshine. 

Walk Through Your Yard

Don’t just stop with the house itself! Be sure to walk through your yard and take a look at any signs of damage in the trees, gardens, etc., This is often a favorite thing when it comes to spring cleaning. Re-edging gardens, cleaning up debris, mowing the lawn for the first time since last year—it’s a lot of fun to get our hands dirty and clean up the yard. Take a stroll around, pick up sticks and leaves, and plant some new flowers to get your yard summer ready in no time!

These are just a few tips for spring cleaning your yard. Our checklist is a great starting spot and covers the essentials of spring cleaning, but you can get as detailed as you want. Some people power wash their sidewalks, the sides of their home, and even scrub down their roof, but it’s important to at least to the essentials listed here to make sure you are proactively keeping your home the absolute best it can be!

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