Ten Things That Make Portland Unique

Ten Things That Make Portland Unique

Ten Things That Make Portland Unique

Portland, Oregon is a unique, artsy
haven in the Pacific Northwest. The city thrives on the individuality
of its inhabitants, allowing them to eat, preach, dress, move and
live how they like. Is living in Portland really like a live-action
episode of “Portlandia”? You’ll have to visit to find out!
Whether you live in Portlandia now or are taking a vacation to the
funky oasis, here are some things to know about Portland to make your
time here as breezy as the wind through your window on a day in July.

Portland likes to take it slow

With all of the bike lines, pedestrian
crossings and short commutes to work, Portlanders are usually taking
things at their own pace. Out-of-towners say that it’s one of the
hardest things to adjust to, especially if they’re coming from a
bustling city. The slow pace makes Portland a not only a safer, but a
friendlier community too! The slow-moving folk aren’t afraid to
strike up conversation with their neighbors and quickly turn them
into friends.

Wear the rain gear, ditch the

There’s no clear-cut reason but
Portlanders aren’t as keen to umbrellas as you’d think they would
be a city where it rains so much. The window for rainy season is open
from May-October! Here, a (sustainably sourced) light wool is the way
to go. A light wool sweater, hat and socks to wear inside your
waterproof shoes are all that you’ll need. Nope, don’t worry
about rain boots. Those are a faux pas in Portland too.

Clean windows are a must

Because it rains so much in the pacific
northwestern city, windows can get pretty dirty if you aren’t
cleaning them properly. Rainwater loosens the dirt on the window
frame or house siding and slides it down the windowpane. No one wants
to be daydreaming in a cozy coffee shop only not to be able to gaze
out the window! Portland is all about supporting local small
businesses so it would be a great idea to hire a local window washing
company rather than risk climbing on a ladder yourself. The rungs can
get slippery! Exodus provides great local window cleaning in Portland.

Keeping plastic and foam out of the
Pacific one law at a time

There are a lot of things that make
Portland a unique, forward-thinking city. The way they deal with the
single-use plastic and foam crisis is possible at the top of the
list. Portland was one of the first cities to ban plastic bags. Paper
or reusable, thick plastic bags may be given at 5 cents per bag.
Portland also put a ban on Styrofoam food packing containers.
Restaurants are required to provide compostable or recyclable
containers for take-out food (and paper bags to put them in!).

Even Portland’s waste disposal is

Portland is one of only five cities in
the United States that requires residents to compost. Most homes in
the U.S. have two trucks stopping by once a week to collect waste:
one for solid waste and one for recyclable materials. In Portland a
third composting truck comes to gather organic material. This means
you’ve got to brush up on your composting knowledge! You’re
likely to see a compost bin in one of Portland’s many parks, too.
No food waste here!

Beer and wine snobs…

Portlanders may come off as a little
pretentious from time to time, thinking that they’ve got it all
figured out. Here’s a little secret. They’re kind of right.
Portland has 60+ delicious microbreweries and if you take a drive
just south to wine country, you can visit any of Oregon’s 450+
wineries! Apparently, the Pinot Noir is the go-to. Just a tip!

and coffee, too

Portland has been named the number one
coffee city in America. Take that, Seattle! Although there are
Starbucks at every turn, you better keep on walking to the nearest
microroaster. While everyone will tell you this one is better
than that one, you really can’t go wrong. Sipping a hot cup
of fresh coffee and looking out the window at people enjoying the
city and each other is one of the best things to do on a lazy day in

You’ll miss chain restaurants
until you don’t anymore

The answer to the age-old question,
“where do you want to eat?” has only gotten harder in Portland.
Well, hard for some, because there are really no big chain
restaurants. Portland loves to “micro” everything from breweries
to roasteries to restaurants and food trucks. Everything in this city
is specialized and tailored to the inhabitants. Which means there are
so many options to choose from from cuisines around the world to
gluten-free restaurants to vegan restaurants and food trucks in the
parks that are just to die for. You can go to a new place every date
night and never be disappointed.

Bring your dog day, every
Portland is one of the most dog-friendly cities. From the
coffee shop to the brewery to the farmers market, your pup will be
allowed at quite a number of them. Not only are the pups allowed at
people places, but they have 33 of their own parks to roam around in
in Portland alone! Many hotels in Portland have special amenities for
dogs and cats, providing them with their own bed and a list of
dog-friendly bars and restaurants. This is another good time to
remind you about the importance in window-washing. Those paws and
noses leave quite the mess!

Taking care of yourself is important

It might come as no surprise that
Portland is big on self-care. People are always running, biking and
doing yoga in the park. Eastern medicine is huge in Portland, too,
with two schools dedicated to the practice. The slow pace of the city
and the way that it cares for itself and the world with their
sustainable practices really makes you take the time to remember that
the most important thing to take care of is yourself.

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