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We offer the best, most affordable Roof Cleaning Portland has seen!

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas in all of America! We have amazing nature and beautiful trees. The beauty comes with a little downside. Our climate is the perfect breeding ground for moss. Moss loves to grow on roofs in the Portland area and can cause major damage to the life of a roof. If left untreated for too long it can cause irreversible damage that can only be fixed with a new roof. At Exodus we have a system in place to safely and completely clean your roof and leave it 100% moss free without using high powered pressure washing, that can damage your roof.

Offering the #1 Roof Cleaning Portland has ever seen!

How our Roof Cleaning Service Works

There are many ways to clean a roof, but not all methods are safe for your home. Any cleaning method using high pressure water from a pressure washer is dangerous and can cause damage to your roof.

At Exodus we never use high pressure washing for our roof cleaning and moss removal in Portland.

We use a system called “Soft Washing” to safely and effectively clean roofs of  all moss, mold, algae or debris.

Using a carefully mixed batch of cleaning soaps and detergents we are able to apply them to roofs using low pressure.

Once the roof is sprayed, the moss and plant life growing on the roof is killed instantly and will start to deteriorate and fall off on its own with the help of rain and wind.

Using this process we avoid any damage to your roof and insure all moss is killed at its roots.

Our great reviews for our Portland Roof Cleaning Service

They did a fantastic job, arrived on time and went above and beyond in terms of unclogging the downspouts. Cleanup was impeccable and the price was great!

Mary H.

If we could give these guy’s a better rating we would! They gave us a great price, responded with in a day, showed up on time, very professional. We had them clean gutters and treat the roof for moss.
They suggested a return visit after the moss dies and gave us a price
break for coming back. They also went above and beyond trying to
temporarily patch a hole in the gutter until we can replace them. After
they were finished, they cleaned up as well. Thank you Joe!
much gratitude,

Dan and Barb

Cleaned roof excellant. Cleaned gutters.



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