Kitchen Cleaning Basics

Kitchen Cleaning Basics

Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning a kitchen can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it’s your own. Papers tend to pile there, dishes may need to be done, and the tendency is to get sidetracked on these other items and never really get started on the cleaning. The solution is to approach cleaning your kitchen the same way a professional would do so.


First, make sure you have all the needed supplies. If possible, put them in a bucket or other container – that way, the next time you’re ready to clean the kitchen, everything is right there, ready for you. You’re more likely to start a job if you know where all your supplies are. Thinking of gathering supplies for 10 or 15 minutes is enough to keep an already unmotivated cleaner from beginning the job.

First Step: Dusting!

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to start cleaning. Go through the kitchen and dust everything first. Be careful not to get your feather duster or other dusting implement wet. This may seem like wasted time since you’ll probably end up wiping off most off these items, but it will make the other steps go quicker and also helps to keep you from pushing crumbs back into corners and under containers when you start wiping down surfaces. Lift papers and other items as needed as you go, but don’t stop to organize them or put them away. If necessary, put them in one or two nice, neat piles, but don’t get distracted from cleaning the kitchen.

Appliance Cleaning

Next, go through and wipe down all the appliances. This includes the refrigerator, microwave (don’t forget the inside) and dishwasher. Wipe the tops, sides and fronts, along with the handles. You might want to open the doors on the appliances to get the edges as well. Once this is finished, wipe down the stove. A degreaser will be handy if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the stove. If you have drip pans and rings, take these off and soak them in some hot, soapy water in the sink along with the stove knobs if necessary. Remember to wipe off the front of the oven door too. When you are done, clean the drip pans and rings if applicable and put the stove back together. If you have a flat top stove, use a mild abrasive cleanser or stove top cleaner and clean with a sponge. Rinse and dry.

You’ll need to clean the small, counter top appliances. This includes the coffee pot, toaster, blender, can opener and any other appliances you normally leave sitting out on the counters. Empty the crumbs from the toaster when you clean it; this will keep it from dropping crumbs back on the counter when you move it around. While cleaning the counter top appliances, take a moment to wipe off anything else on the counters such as canisters.

Wipe DOWN!

Now go through and wipe off the counters. Clean one section of counter top at a time, moving items to clean behind and under them. Get the backsplash while it’s accessible. Move things and clean behind them first, then replace the item and wipe the front portion of the counter. Repeat this method until all the counters have been cleaned.

Wipe off the table and chairs. If you rarely use your kitchen table and don’t have young children, the chairs may not need to be wiped down. Before cleaning the table check that any fans or light fixtures hanging above the table have been cleaned. If not, do so before cleaning the table or your table will end up all dusty.

If there are patio doors in your kitchen, clean them inside and out. Wipe off light switch and outlet plates, along with spots on the walls and cabinet and drawer fronts. Now you just have the sink and floor left to clean.

Don’t Forget the Sink!

Clean the sink with the cleaner of your choice. A mild abrasive cleanser works well for removing stuck on food and stains such as coffee. Get drains cleaned too, removing the plastic inserts and cleaning thoroughly. Rinse and dry the sink and shine the faucet.

Sweep then Mop

Remove everything from the kitchen that normally sits on the floor including trash cans, chairs, and pet food bowls. Sweep the floor, starting at the point farthest from the door and moving in one direction. Get under counters and in small spaces between counters and appliances. Sweep everything into a dust pan and empty or sweep it into a small pile and vacuum it up with a little vac or hose attachment on your regular vacuum.

Mop your floor in the same manner, moving from the point farthest from the door in one direction across the room. Pay attention as you go, getting any stains and food stuck on the floor. Depending on how dirty the floor is, it may be necessary to clean a spot or two by hand to get these types of things off the floor.

Vacuum the Rugs.. Almost done!

While you’re waiting for the floor to dry, vacuum or shake any rugs. Take out the trash and wipe down the trash can. Check your chairs to be sure they’re clean and wipe down anything else you’ve removed from the kitchen such as pet food bowls and mats. When you’ve finished, replace all the items and you’re done!

Following these steps to clean your kitchen will ensure that nothing is missed and that you clean the kitchen in as efficient a manner as possible. You will find that following these instructions makes the cleaning go faster. Most kitchens can be cleaned in 30-45 minutes, tops. If you use this method to clean your kitchen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you will find that not only do you get faster at the job, but the job becomes much less arduous as most items are only slightly soiled in a week or 2 weeks’ time.

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