How Cleaner Windows Can Help Sell Your Home

How Cleaner Windows Can Help Sell Your Home

Selling a home is no easy feat, even if it is lucky enough to be located in one of Portland’s up-and-coming neighborhoods. The chances are you’ll need to do a number of things, from making repairs, to fixing up your curb appeal, to ensure that you have the right impact on potential buyers. In today’s competitive marketplace, even the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your chances of a sale. For instance, it may surprise you to learn just how valuable clean windows can be when it comes to selling your property.


As most real estate agents will tell you, your home should be in tip-top condition before it goes on the market. The harder you work at making your property look incredible, the more likely it is to earn the attention of buyers. Clean windows that make your property look bright and sparkling just might help you to sell quicker. Here are some reasons why you should consider sprucing up your windows before you try to sell.

Clean Windows Let in More Natural Light


Nobody falls in love with a home that seems dark and dingy. A bright home packed full of natural light is a great way to attract people who are willing to invest in your property. With clean windows, you can maximize the amount of light coming through, drawing attention to the space within your property.

While you might be used to looking through the filmy residue and dust that builds up on your windows after a while, your buyers won’t appreciate it. Professionals will use the right equipment to remove water stains and other things from your exterior windows that might be stuck to the glass, which helps the most light to shine through.

Offer a Spectacular View


If the view from your windows is a critical selling point for your home, then it’s important to make sure that you have stunning, clean windows to show off your location. A lot of buyers approach their purchasing decisions with a focus on location. Showing them that they’ll have something beautiful to look out at each day is a great way to increase your chances of a sales.

While clean windows might not do as much as replacing your roof or installing a brand-new kitchen, they’re a crucial part of showing your buyers that you have something incredible to offer. Just remember that the clean needs to be done professionally if you’re going to deliver that great view. Streaks and scratches could detract from your desired effect.

Clean Windows Operate Properly


When your home goes on the market, it may appeal to people who are moving to Portland for the first time. Individuals that are moving to a new city are often more discerning than their counterparts because they want to make sure that they’re not going to need to invest in any costly repairs after a long and arduous move.

When all the dirt and debris around your windows are cleaned away, you improve the chances that they’ll operate smoothly – which is a great way to show your buyer that your home is in good shape. A stiff window that struggles to open could be the difference between getting a sale and scaring a possible buyer away.

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