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We offer the best, most affordable Gutter Cleaning Portland has seen!

We love living in the amazing Pacific Northwest! But with all the great nature and beautiful trees comes one downside, our gutters get full fast! A clogged gutter can cause major damage to a home. Our gutter cleaning service for Portland home owners ensures that your gutters will be clear and flowing correctly to avoid any spilling over! At Exodus we have perfected a system to safely and efficiently unclogg and clean gutters. Window cleaning may be a luxury service but keeping your gutters clean and clear is a necessity, that is why we keep our prices very affordable so that any home owner can benefit from our service!

Proud to  offer the best Gutter Cleaning Portland has ever seen!

How our Gutter Cleaning Service Works

Every home is different and the same goes for your gutter cleaning needs. We have a specific process when it comes to cleaning and clearing gutters that we adjust based on your homes need.
What is inside your gutters depends on the trees and plant life around your home. Some tree leaves or pine needs clog gutters others can flow down downspouts without a problem.
Our main objective is to fully clear out all gutters and ensure that the downspouts are flowing smoothly. We accomplish this using a few different tools depending on each specific situation.
The majority of the time we use a ladder to clean the gutters by hand placing the debris and leaves inside a bag and disposing inside a yard debris bin.
Certain situations will require the use or a leaf blower or garden hose to unclog a gutter or downspout.
In rare situations when a downspout is really clogged and can not be unclogged using the regular methods, we will remove and reattach the downspout to clear the clog.
After we are confident all the downspouts and gutters are clean and clear we clean up any debris that are on the ground.

Our great reviews for our Portland Gutter Cleaning Service

The guys came out and cleaned my gutters on short notice and were helpful and quick.

Brian M.

Joe helped me clean the gutters of a rental property. He took pictures of the before and after, and emailed them to me as requested. He did the work as scheduled, and did a good job. He also took pictures of the moss on my roof and offered to clean and treat it.

Shengwen S.

Joe is easy to communicate. They did an outstanding job and were done in 2.5 hours. He showed on time and explained the gutter and roof situation. And the price is reasonable. I will use his service again in the future.


FangFang X.

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